Articles published in academic journals:

  • Valérie Spezi, Simon Wakeling, Stephen Pinfield, Jenny Fry, Claire Creaser, and Peter Willett (2017). “Let the community decide”? The vision and reality of soundness-only peer review in open-access mega-journals. Journal of Documentation[ in press]. doi: 10.1108/JD-06-2017-0092
  • Simon Wakeling, Valérie Spezi, Jenny Fry, Claire Creaser, Stephen Pinfield, and Peter Willett (2017). Open-Access Mega-Journals: The Publisher Perspective (Part 1: Motivations)Learned Publishing [early view]. doi: 10.1002/leap.1117
  • Simon Wakeling, Valérie Spezi, Claire Creaser, Jenny Fry, Stephen Pinfield, and Peter Willett (2017). Open access Megajournals: The Publisher Perspective (Part 2: Operational Realities)Learned Publishing [early view]. doi: 10.1002/leap.1118
  • Simon Wakeling, Peter Willett, Claire Creaser, Jenny Fry, Stephen Pinfield, and Valérie Spezi (2017). Transitioning from a conventional to a ‘mega’ journal: A bibliometric case study of the journal Medicine. Publications, 5(2). doi:10.3390/publications5020007


  • The Researcher to Reader Conference, London, February 26-27 2018, Jenny Fry
  • SSP 39th Annual Meeting, Boston, MA, May 31-Jun 2, 2017, Stephen Pinfield and Simon Wakeling
  • STM conference, Frankfurt, October 18 2016, Stephen Pinfield
  • ALPSP, Heathrow, 14-16 September 2016, Stephen Pinfield
  • SSP pre-conference, Vancouver, June 1-3 2016, Stephen Pinfield
  • RLUK conference, British Library, March 9-11 2016, Stephen Pinfield

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